Rust Converter

Changes rust into an inert, protective coating

Rust Converter
This aerosol surface conditioner and primer changes existing rust into a dark, inert protective polymeric coating that seals out moisture and prevents future rust and corrosion. It also provides an excellent primer coating on rusty steel and iron for the application of oil-based paints. Once painted, it helps surfaces resist the effects of the weather without peeling or cracking.

  • Trucks and autos
  • Marine docks
  • Play equipment
  • Storage tanks
  • Doors and gates
  • Machinery
  • Boats
  • Farm equipment
  • Converts rust into a stable, paintable surface.
  • Eliminates the need for scraping, sandblasting or priming rusty surfaces.
  • Protects further rusting on surfaces exposed to rain, sun and salt spray.


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