Super Grade Diesel Additive

Diesel Additive 6060e

  • Increases fuel economy.
  • Boosts the fuels cetane rating.
  • Excellent for use with low sulfur fuel.
  • Improved combustion of fuel - resists degradation of diesel fuel.
  • Dispersion of insoluble gums and varnish in low quality fuels.
  • Reduced emissions, exhaust smoke and particulates.
  • Inhibition of oxidation during storage.
  • Extended storage stability.
  • Reduction of black smoke.
  • Increased lubricity.
  • Allows moisture to be rapidly separated from fuel.
  • Allows diesel fuel to meet NCWM's Premium Diesel Fuel Specifications
  • Helps prevention of the formation of stable fuel water emulsion.
  • Inhibits gelling.
  • Faster warm up.
  • Reduces misfiring at lower air inlet temperatures.
  • Detergent provides cleanliness for entire fuel system.
  • Excellent anti-wear protection for the injectors and fuel pump especially for those engines burning low sulfur and ultra low sulfur diesel fuels.
  • Lubrication of upper cylinders, fuel pumps, and injectors.
  • Rust and corrosion protection of entire system.
  • Superior Cummins L-10 injector deposit test performance.
  • Modifications of existing injector deposits allowing their removal and passage into the combustion chamber where they can be burned.


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