Boiler Complete Treat S

All-in-one liquid soft water boiler treatment

Boiler Complete Treat S
This soft water steam boiler treatment features a multifunctional formula with all of the necessary chemicals for complete treatment in one convenient liquid. It combines hardness control with oxygen scavengers and a volatile amine corrosion inhibitor that travels along with the steam to protect both the steam and condensate plumbing. It can be used on a "oneshot " basis, or with an automated continuous feed system, and is safe to use with other boiler treatment chemicals

  • Scaling
  • Lime & Mineral Deposits
  • Oxygen corrosion
  • Rust
  • Condensate corrosion
  • Mineral deposits
  • Complete treatment solution for soft water systems.
  • Contains oxygen scavenger, scale and corrosion inhibitors and steam line treatment.
  • Steam lime treatment prevents corrosion of steam and condensate plumbing.


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