Lustre Restorer

Gloss Floor Restorer and Cleaner

Lustre Restorer
This unique liquid floor restorer and cleaner is specifically formulated to enhance the appearance of resilient flooring. It renews the floor surfaces shine while it also repairs the scratches and scuff marks. It special reactive polymer matrix allows it to be applied with a mop and bucket, as well as high-speed buffers and burnishers. It dries fast and is safe to use with virtually any existing floor-finishing product to maximize the gloss potential of the finish..

  • Rejuvenates acrylic floor finishes to their original gloss and fills pores within a floor 's finish.
  • Designed for use with ultra high-speed buffers and burnishers.
  • Simultaneously lubricates burnishing pads to avoid powdering, hazing or yellowing of existing finishes.


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